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December is the busiest shopping time of the year.  Holiday shoppers drive up sales in December more than any other month of the year.

Would you like to have the Holiday shoppers buy from you in other 11 months of the year?

If you would like to have more customers in 2018 then, right now you must act on converting your Holiday shoppers into Repeat shoppers.

Make the Purchase Experience Outstanding

Give very personalize service.

Answer all questions cheerfully.

When the Holiday Shopper completes their purchase, look them in the eyes and say Thank You.


Remind them about the Value Your Business Offers

Your Holiday Shoppers tend to forget about your business once they have made their purchase.  It is not that your business is bad, the customer just has many other things on their minds right now.

You have to remind them about the value your business gave them in December or they may just search for another business in January.

So how can you remind your customers about your business?

You must contact them repeatedly.  If they don’t hear from you at least once a month they will forget about you.

So how do you contact them and what message do you send them?

In this post we will show you the three best ways that can scale your business without taking a lot of your time.

Send Customers Postcards and Letters

woman opening her postal mail box by the road

People still love getting personal physical mail.

You can send Holiday cards that offer specials or discounts.  There is a Holiday almost every month of the year.

Right after the Holiday Shopper has made a purchase, ask them to sign up for a mail list

Ask the customer:

“Would you like to sign up for our discount club?”


Personalized letters cut through almost all distractions.

People still open up mail, if it looks like it was addressed to their name.

Physical mail has almost been forgotten in the age of the internet.  If you design an eye-catching postcard or write an interesting newsletter you can really stand out among your competitors.


Sometimes customers move or change their address.

Some customers may be reluctant to give out their home address.

There is a delay of a few days between sending the physical mail and when the customer receives it.


Send Customers Email reminders

gmail inbox with one unread message

Capture their email when they purchase

Offer to let them join a discount club by entering their email address in a form on your website or an iPad in the store.

You can ask the customer in person:

“May I add you to our email list so we can send you discounts and coupons?”


This is a low-cost way to broadcast your offers to many people


Many people don’t check their email frequently

Some email address get abandoned

Many inboxes are overflowing

There may be errors in email entry

Some customers may be reluctant to give out their email address.


Reward Customers that come back


When a customer comes back to your business you must reward them for coming back to you instead of choosing another business.

Give them a Discount coupon they can use on their next purchase


Give them a Loyalty card that gives them a special offer after a certain number of purchases

 green loyalty card


People are always looking to get something extra for nothing.

People can feel like they are members in an exclusive club.


You have to rely on the customer remembering they have a loyalty card with points

They can lose the card or coupon


So far you have learned how to remind customers about your business and how to incentivize them to come back to your business with rewards.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could combine reminders and rewards in something your customer doesn’t throw away or forget about?


How to Remind Customers and Reward Repeat Customers


What device do your customer carry with them everywhere?

Their cell phone.

Your customers carry their cell phones with them everywhere and look at their cell phone over 50 times a day, (over 74 times a day for 18 to 24-year-olds).

If you get your Holiday shopper to install your business’ app on to their cell phone you can:

Send notifications to your customer’s mobile phone about sales, specials, and events.

Sent the customer coupons

mobile phone with a coupon for a discount

Send them blog posts and videos about your company, products or services.

Send them notifications whenever they are in the neighborhood of your business.

So How do you get your app on your Holiday Shopper’s phone?

Post a sign near check out offering a discount on their purchase if they show the discount code in your Custom App. The sign could say:

Receive 5% discount on your purchase if you use the discount code on our mobile app. Download our mobile app at www.YourBusiness.com/App


You can send them instant notifications of new products and sales

You can send them instant notifications whenever they are near your business

The customer does not have to log into anything to receive your notification

People are more comfortable downloading an app than giving out their personal information.


It takes a little longer to get a mobile app built for your business, however, it gives you a long-term connection to your customers.

Getting a mobile app built for your business does require a lot of technical knowledge, so you should hire a firm that specializes in building excellent apps.

Want to turn your Holiday Shoppers into Repeat Customers?

Click here to learn how we can make a mobile app for your business that keeps your customers coming back to you.
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