Mobile Strategy

Your Mobile App is More than just a Copy of Your Website

Your app gives your customer a very personal and interactive experience with your brand.

Your mobile app is installed on your customer’s most personal device. A device they take with them everywhere. A device that has their personal and often financial information on it.

If you want your customer to install your mobile app on their phone, your app must add value to their lives.

customer profile discussion

Analyzing Your Customer Personas

During the Mobile App strategy phase, we analyze your customers and your value propositions to find the best fit with your business goals.

When you have a mobile app strategy that aligns your business goals to what your customers value, you will get repeat customers.


Mobile App Strategy: High-Level Goals

  • Analyze your business and customers
  • Determine what to build
  • Determine Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • Optimize schedule, cost, and goals

Mobile App Strategy: Deliverables

  • User Personas and User Journey
  • Recommended Roadmap

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